Thankyou to all who have contributed to our website with donations. If we can find a new source for funding we'll open again on Sept. 15th. 

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:( Sorry to hear that but I do understand. I really can't comprehend why the donations are not flowing. Hope to see an influx between now and the 15th June so you stay open, otherwise, I shall remain in your fan club waiting till you hopefully open again in September :))

Thankyou Sheerie .. yes it's just not conceivable at this time to continue with so few donations. I'll miss the website too, but perhaps most don't consider it a necessity atm. I hope we'll be back. :)

I hope it works out that you'll be able to reopen.  Enjoy the summer and I hope to see you in Sept.

Thankyou so much Carol :)


Our Website Relies Solely on Your Donations

Donations as of May 27 - $160.00 .. Thankyou

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