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My boyfriend made a very good point to me.  He said "Would you be running around if you heard a noise like that?"  Maybe the audio has been added to this video.

TPTB are real sick b#*tards.

That is NOT the Earth making that noise,

but radio technicians controlling the HAARP type facilities !!!!!

The really strange noises have been now heard all over the planet, and whilst some maybe fake or added to the film, many have now been declared real...

So many countries now reporting these noises.

There are many, many maybe, we have to open our minds to other reasons!

I wish we could simply believe our ears, but we can't. There is too much available technology capable of playing with our minds.  Obviously people are hearing something.  No doubt.  The question to be answered is "What are we hearing?"  Is it real or is it being produced?  My guess is probably both/and.  Just the other night as I woke up I heard a loud clap noise right behind my head inside the room.  I had to ask myself "what was that?"  I believe that such a noise is made when beings cross over dimensions. I agree with you Jennifer.  It's time to open our minds to other reasons.  It's also time to refrain from jumping to conclusions. 

MarieLynne you had been electromagnetically targetted.


I have heard that here in my room;  as have others I know.

It could either be a scalar wave (Tesla Howitzer) effect causing a spatial torsion and then suddenly releasing it, whereupon the building makes the noise;


it could again be scalar and acting directly upon the auditory centre within our brains. 


As I wrote above (but which this Ning website censored) - TPTB are real sick Bastards -  for there is no other better suited description for their totally inhumane behaviours.


Yes - you have witnessed for yourself the effect of these electromagnetic technologies, against which nothing can be protected.


However, once we know about it they have lost their power, unless they are going to attempt murdering people via same.


If you ever feel your heart suddenly fluttering without known cause or medical explanation, then move youself to somewhere else pretty damn quick, for sudden heart attacks can be induced via similar invisible electromagnetic means which leave no trace of cause.

Looking into this I have found out that this was caused by some joker spreading a false alarm about a coming tsunami


(YouTube Search result)

False tsunami panic celu city 2012

Same video with original sound.



Why would anyone do this?
Suggestions welcome lol

Thanks Barbaric Fellow .. they were probably bored?

It is amazing how sheep like people have become and how FEAR is the key.

Just two weeks ago, it was mentioned in the UK by the "Government" that there was going to be a petrol strike by tanker drives and maybe it was wise to "top up" even to take Gerry cans and fill up.

This caused total panic by the masses, people were forming queues miles long, fighting broke out in garages, in fact most diesel ran dry and many stations had to shut because of tail backs and road blockages, and the Government made millions in extra taxes... ( I have heard it was over 3 million but not sure) plus the price of petrol also went up with the rush...

One poor lady set her self on fire after coming back with a can of petrol in her Kitchen...

The fact is, there was no strike and although both parties, the drives and the oil suppliers had been talking, no strike was confirmed, it was all spin, but what made the people all go off and panic like this....

What would happen if food became the target.

Well I am pretty sure it was done to test the public and to make a lot of extra taxes.

 One things for sure, the people did not let them down.

I never went near the petrol stations to the panic was over, what was the point?

One tank of petrol will not last long if it was going to happen anyway.

Time to put your feet up and sit it out...



I waited before filling up too;  after the price went back to normal again.


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