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I was sent this link by a member, and although I find this video maker's language offensive I decided to post this. Please keep in mind that this is one person's stand .. not the whole race. This could even be a planned instigation, racially motivated to force a confrontation. No matter what anyone thinks there is no winner in all of this ... many people have been killed in this war .. many of them civilians. There has to be some fallout expected from such a horrendous provocation against another country. ... remember too that 911 was not carried out by a bunch of muslims hiding in a cave with box cutters. Who is the real threat here??

Totally Agree B,, they know how to set us against each other, have done for hundreds of years...

Anyone with a thinking brain can see the Muslim religion (after all its not a race) has been set up to take the anger and blame for all terror attacks.

This is giving the Governments of the world the power to use might and force to "protect us"

Taking away all our freedoms. Many countries have now had Terror attacks, allowing the military to move in and take over, as we have seen in the Middle East.

I really looks like the plan is working very well.


Not cool to refuse service to a military vet but switch places and know they probably have people they know, innocent people killed by drones where they are from.  WELL this Jerry T sounds like a red neck sheeple still believing everything Fox News says. I do resent however some Pakistan people I've done business with who refused to pay me on time when they get free loans and we get NOTHING. Then there are those who are honest and hardworking. In the late 90's I cashed my pay check on Christmas Eve and left the cash on the counter as they were closing, got home before I realized it went back and they had stayed there hoping I'd come back. I'll never forget that. There are good people and bad people in every race, religion, and region. 

To me Jerry T. sounds like he's AMERICAN ALL THE WAY!!! Our Military men and women have served us well, some gave all! If these Muslims can't come here and accept us for us then they don't belong here!!!  I guess i'm a red neck TOO!

You tell em, Donna.

I don't like some of the language, but if they refuse service to our service men and women, then they deserve what they get. I heard a story right after 9/11 about Muslim convenience store owners who were cheering as the Towers came down. A delivery man for Budweiser ( I think) was bringing in their delivery. He called the dispatcher and told him what was going on and the dispatcher said to pull all of their product. He then called all of the other major companies that delivered in that area. Before the day was over, there wasn't much left for them to sell. Within a month, they were out of business. I hope the same thing happens there in Louisiana. It's not nice to mess with the USA or the people who defend it.

In that case I agree Frankie that the delivery man and his company acted in a way that could make the store owner realize his type of conduct would not be tolerated. I'm not saying it's not justified .. I'm only saying we need to take the time to look at what we have done as well in order to see how we are perceived. This whole war was evil.

Since I am a Veteran I am going to claim the fifth on this one !!!!

 Our service men and women do not deserve treatment like that in a store and the protest is a good one if the story is true.

That being said, the guy who made the video is a racist and would have burned the cross on the lawn if the guy was black so he is the wrong guy to lead this group.  Calling a muslim a Raghead is the same as calling a black person a Nigger.  So that will have a lot of people enraged as well.


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