I haven't listened to the whole show so I can't comment too much on what was said. I will be listening later and may change my view on some things .. or not. My first thoughts are that FR is highly unorganized, under-staffed, and there appears to be far too much disagreement and in-fighting for a group claiming to be pulling off something as humongous as this project.
I know about the disorganization from visiting the forum. Getting no responses to questions submitted. I also received an unrequested  file of something that was submitted to the Hague that I believe came from FR. I emailed Drake to find out if it was emailed by mistake .. and why and received a response that they'd ask around. Never heard back. Should these files be flying aroud on the net? I don't think so.
Where is Drake? I've had major dental work done before and I can understand a day or two off, but at the very least could he not have written something to be read by one of the "ladies"? Something to quell the many followers fears that have been left out on a limb by promises not kept and updates not forth-coming? Instead they were chastised again for asking questions and not doing more for themselves. That doesn't fly. Rumors were flying .. suggesting his internet was off etc.
Terri and Deatra actually seemed to be distancing themselves from Drake while at the same time saying they all had their own agendas and information from different sources. Why are they together?
Terri kept up her steady stream of RUSA stories which people were definately not interested in hearing. But, I for one feel this is the main purpose of FR. It's a take-off of RUSA .. by Terri. Her way of getting Tim Turner out of the picture and continuing the freeing of America. Perhaps Drake was pulled in with his information gathering skills to help with the startup and they were shocked to see Drake the only one anyone wanted to hear from. I don't know.
People were upset in the chat and rightly so from what I was hearing. Terri and Deatra seemed to be back-pedalling on the mass arrests scenario. Suggesting instead that mass arrests did not mean mass, but could also be a large number total, but arrested a few here and a few there. Oh really? Let me see ... 10,000 to be arrested at even 10 per day it would take almost 3 years to complete the task! That concept didn't go over very well with the listeners.
Someone in the chat asked what Drake thought about the Russians coming. Someone called EagleAZ answered "Drake knows nothing about that." I piped in .. "Who is EagleAZ that he can answer for Drake?" I said this because Terri had just stated that they could not speak for Drake. Anyway, EagleAZ was apparently a monitor and should not have answered as if he had the inside scoop on what Drake thought of anything.
People are scared, confused, uptight and were promised a lot from FR and now it seems they've been let down. Things may change if and when Drake gets back on and says different, but I would suggest don't count on it. From what I see Drake will be speaking on Education.
As I said .. I may change my thoughts after listening to the whole conversation, but somehow I don't think so. After the show people seemed more distraught than ever ... this is not good.
People were told to sit back and watch it unfold .. don't grab your guns and head out to do things yourself .. it was all controlled by the insiders and would be done swiftly so as not to interrupt daily life. Relax and watch it all unfold on television, unless your called upon to help. Those arrested would be paraded before the cameras and there would be several days of our true history revealed in all of it's horror to bring people up-to-date.
Now, the story is changed. Don't expect others to do it for you. Get out and change the world yourself.
Terri suggested no time frame should have been given. It'll happen when it happens. And now they wonder why the people have turned on them. Of course people have questions regarding their own problems. I think this should have been foreseen ahead of time and prepared for. Yes, it's time consuming, but it could be made easier by making up prepared statements concerning the different scenarios people were concerned about. That way it would have taken seconds to respond instead of minutes for those complaining about all the "unexpected"? emails. 
I believe these people mean well. None of them were prepared for this to have the audience they have. The truth is all of this is going to happen with or without them in my opinion. Because we are changing and the world is changing. Will there be civil war? I hope not, but who knows.  
I'd also like to hear from anyone else who happened to listen to the whole program yesterday ... B.

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Bridget, do you have a link to last night`s show. I can`t seem to find it.

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sorry it took so long .. not getting emails again from Ning :(

I really tried to listen to her but I could not get past the first 10 minutes.  Hope the truth will be out soon.

These women make perfect sense to me.  I believe Drake is missing because he has been asked to distance himself.  This was probably a good strategy while addressing the problem of unrealistic expectations, selfish interests, idiot questions etc. The plan for mass arrests is information we get from Drake.  These women are doing their best to interpret his words just like the rest of us.  They specifically said that they and Drake are not at crosspurposes but that they have seperate sources for information on different subjects. I am happy that Drake will now have his own program.

I feel that everyone involved here is doing their very best to prepare us for the changes ahead.  It's time to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves as a society.  And, it's our minds that need to be awakened first.  We are being informed that we have been liberated from oppression in the form of financial tyranny and soon we will have alot of work to do so we better prepare for it. It's a process. 

So you think that being awake is listening to someone telling you that he can't say what's happening or when it's happening but believe me something at sometime is happening?

The leaders of the revolution have decided that there are good guys in the pentagon and the cia but not any in the MSM so lets get our info out there by giving it to three clowns on a little listened to internet radio talk show?

If you think that kind of behaviour is being awake then I have a Statue in the bay just off New York that I'm looking to sell at a knock down price and you strike me as the wide awake type of person that can see the benefits of owning a huge statue from where you can watch the MASS arrests of the wall street billionaires that run the world.

A part of being awake is realizing that if someone is keeping you confused; and EVERY FR statement keeps you confused, then there's a reason they want you confused and thst's never a good reason - when anyone tells you 'I have information but I can't tell you what that information is, walk away, because  they should either tell you the information, or not tell you they have the information.

Read Buzz Marketingby Mark Hughes and apply his six 'Buzz Buttons' that hook people (noted below) to our friends at FR:

  1. Taboo
  2. The Unusual
  3. The Outrageous
  4. The Hilarious
  5. The Remarkable
  6. Secrets

I enjoy his theories .. they make sense.

Breadalban. When I wrote that "it's our minds that need to be awakened first" I was making a general statement.  I am willing to say that I do not find Drake to be confusing.  Confusion is happening with the listeners. Also, his hosts made it clear that they are working from different perspectives with different informants.  That may have been cause for some people's confusion. I think that's why he backed off. While he is charged with delivering a message, he can't be held responsible for how his message is received and interpreted.  That's the danger of being a messenger.  It attracts alot of criticism.

Breadalban, you would'nt be the first person to suggest that I am gullible.  But my track record for discernment is very good.  I am usually correct in my estimation of things.  So, with confidence I will continue to evaluate the information as it comes to me.

Your evaluations are always full of wisdom MarieLynne and I always look forward to your posts.

If you don't find drake to be confuising, what is happening and when will it happen because I find him confusing.  He hasn't delivered a message if he has what is it,?barring, that something is happening at sometime somewhere to someone by someone else.

I'm not for a moment suggesting that you're gullible, I'm suggesting like the rest of us you're desperate for justice and equality and freedom and sometimes that makes us easily exploitable and more prone to fill in the gaps in the suppositions of others to make them make sense; a messenger only attracts critisim when the message they bring is unclear. 

I'm not saying he's not the real deal I'm just saying when he and his colleagues lack direction and coherence and don't stand up to critical evaluation they should be called on it.  Time indeed will tell.  I hope you're right On this occasison however unfortunately I think you're wrong.

And your evaluation is taken for consideration Breadalban. I notice with so many they have no alternative solutions .. only evaluating others who are actually trying to provide solutions. This is curious to me. I believe Drake has his heart in this if nothing more. Whether he admits it or not he is a leader at this time of all those who need a push or shove in one direction or another. He offers much more than just the good guys arresting bad guys. If you listen he is asking every one of us to take the ball and run with it .. start investing in our own communities and seeing that justice is served in our own backyard first. Can you imagine if every man and woman started to stand up for what is right and didn't back down? I think we'd have our new world. .. just sayin!

I finally listened to the whole show.

Terry comes on strong in this show.

She repeated many times that her sources are financial while Drake`s are military.

She admits no one can vet either  of them.

The show was difficult to listen to.

I do agree that we each need to learn to take responsibility for ourselves.

I am looking forward to hearing Drake`s new show on Wednesday.

Terry has a show on Tuesday and says Drake will be a guest but there will be no talk about the arrests.

This is getting stranger and stranger.


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