As I mentioned a few days ago I had a wedding to go to yesterday. The wedding was wonderful and the bride looked beautiful. It seemed just like all of the other weddings I've gone to in the past except for one thing. Almost everyone had something that I did not. A cell phone. Yes some used them for picture taking while others seemed to be continuously texting someone! Other's were just checking for messages. As I scanned the room it really made me uneasy. I didn't fit in. I felt like an outsider without that attachment. A happy outsider I might add.
I have to wonder is this now the norm? Most people I chatted with at some point pulled out their phone to reply or check on messages. It was really disconcerting. I have nothing against these phones, but are we getting a little too attached and perhaps a little too detached with reality? 
I cornered one young lady and outright asked her "what is it about your phone that makes you check it every couple of minutes?" ... she said "well I'm on facebook and twitter and a few other groups so I get messages and I check my emails too." I then asked her why it was so important to know right now what those messages might be? I do know her well enough to feel free to ask her these questions. She said "well everyone else does it."  .. not really a historic answer!
So, I really felt in most of the conversations I had that I was second to the cell phone. All conversation seemed to stop the minute that thing triggered a new message. Is this a new form of madness? I think so. I also think I was in the midst of a lot of sleepy people ... please tell me it's not so everywhere. ... B.

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Would it be ironic if I am reading this because I received it through my Black Berry?

Lol .. no it would be symptomatic.

I sense it is a trend .... one that hopefully won't last lol. I've seen half a dozen teens sitting in the same room texting back and forth ... it's easier and more private than talking and less ignorant than whispering. Their words not mine.
Perhaps it's leading up to when we are able to communicate telepathically. In some ways texting is refining ones speech to keep it shorter while communicating a larger message.

Oh it is very much the case in this part of the world too (Australia and New Zealand).  These things, this technology has people very detached, whilst making them believe they are still connected (and yes they are on one level) but not necessarily the level that we all need to be during these troubled times.  I wouldn't be surprised, if you did happened to have a mobile phone and texted that same person, whilst both at the same venue, you would've got more of a response and more attention, than you did face to face.  Sad, sad world!  I do sometimes say to people that it is very rude of them, in mid conversation to stop and check their phones.  No consideration whatsoever and yes - you do feel the phone is the priority and you are second best.

I do have an iphone myself, but I often leave it at home or in the car (unless I'm away for long periods of time or travelling some distance) and make a point of only checking it every 2-3 hours.  Unless I am waiting for something to come through or someone to return a call.

But can't change the world and how others are without first changing ourselves and the way we live.  So B, please continue being who you are. 








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