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This doesn't feel right.

I agree Sam. It doesn't. He is trying to simplify it too much .. I think what is happening is much more involved. We're all struggling for an answer, but I don't think anyone has found one yet. Things are happening .. we can sense it, but at least for me, I'm unable to figure out exactly what. Definitely need more information. Keeping my eyes on the skies and my ear to the ground. :)

One of our recent local events ... 

It's gotten to the point with all the "disclosures" we have been exposed to lately to know which is theirs from which are ours. gezzzzzz

Theirs or ours .. that could be one and the same if you consider the infiltration that's been suggested. It's all craziness. 

I'm referring to the many reports we've had of aliens working with "our guys" and sometimes the aliens appear to be in charge! Reports of technology swaps and ufo's at the whitehouse, meetings with government officials .. it's getting harder to know if they are working with us or if perhaps they always have. 

That's what I was trying to say.

I don't know anyone who has that level of "discernment" to tell which is which.

For my own well being I keep it simple. There is nothing to fear .. we are here to learn. Yes there are those who are "in" on what's going on and most hold the highest positions in the world. They are controlling our "school" and dish out enough good and bad to enable us to make choices in our lives. Nobody passes with a perfect score .. but we will all pass eventually. I don't wait for the GCR/RV as the bigger picture is so much more exciting. I want to hear the school bell ring for the last time and then bring on the "golden years". lol


I haven't had much conversation with our source lately about what is "really" happening as not much as changed on the GCR/RV front.  It's all headed that way and the return of the Republic.  All of this other stuff IMHO is just entertainment until the day the GCR?RV is finally put into effect.  The events we have talked about in the past will happen and are happening.  Even Lauren has gone radio silent.  

"The two stories I am trying to keep an eye out for is the Philadelphia prison story and who Trump will nominate for the FBI job.  That will or should I say may tell us a lot as it sure seems that the Cabal is being taken down. This Seth Rich thing may really be the final nail in Hildabeasts and the Cabal coffin.  

Yes the Seth Rich story is definitely a wakeup call that things are changing for the cabal. However I remain suspicious about everything until the mainstream media starts to report on real news. They simply leave out what they don't want us to know. They act like it didn't happen .. how can anything change until they start reporting the truth? Why is nothing ever done? .. and how can they have such power as to have the police stand-down on investigating serious crimes? It's mind boggling.


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