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America simply cannot any longer be trusted,

so all of those ships and planes listed need to

surround the island, land at/visit Diego Garcia -

and then inspect/search every hiding hole upon it !


There is no war so such search could not be denied.

"There is no war", But the US would never allow such a , Invasion of their privacy, But still a good idea. Graham.

Yes, I do know its 'April Fools Day'... 1st. April 2014.

Yes Lawrence - April Fools -

all of us -

for putting up with PTB corruption.

Gee, isn't it interesting how CNN has kept this alive for over three weeks now - what a great government tool they are.

You took the words out of my mind. It's really insulting to us ... we can't allow them to let us be vulnerable to their corrupted news one minute longer. I have always had the feeling this plane never left the ground with any passengers at least ... it's impossible to believe a word they tell us. .. so I refuse.

is there any possibility that the plane never took off???

I think there is a good possibility ... they haven't found anything ... and that's supposedly an impossibility .. so what does that leave us with?

I still am going with it landing at DG.  That's where my dreams/visions have guided me and information and articles from others have backed this up.

yup i have to agree with you i believe that flight mh370 is at diego garcia and that our government knows what happened to that plane and the passengers.what would our navy want with philip wood? i don,t understand why is our government lying to us?

we need to prove that flight mh370 is at diego garcia,they have a facebook page,should we call their bluff????

I think the plane is at DG too, but I don't think our government wants Philip Wood or any of the other passengers.  I think they want the plane for some kind of false flag event.  Don't put anything past them, they will do whatever it takes to start WWIII and complete the NWO.  Syria didn't work, Ukraine didn't work, this could be Plan C.


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