Mass Arrests confirmed to be underway? Do not be shocked when it happens.

Caution Urged: I have not heard the mass arrests has Drake's green light .. so read this while using caution and wait for Drake's explanation. .. B.

Folks you may not believe Drake, may not believe Thierry and you may not even believe myself, but I cannot think of even one of you who would DENY the respected journalism of Tom Heneghan and the British Guardian's editor in chief?

"UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols is now only days away.

The implementation of the Protocols will:

1. Absorb worldwide debt

2. Recapitalize banks worldwide, and

3. Create an interest rate equilibrium that is revenue neutral and non-inflationary."

The Global Settlements ARE the final financial trigger for the arrests that will be taking place, taking many of you by shock as all the way along you have believed these things to be false.

You may not be able to deal with the changes easily, and I mean that sincerely because the global settlements are a huge change. You will hear about it on television. They mean bankers will be arrested across the board, period.

Watch Drake's radio show some time when you aren't interested in fear and just want the truth, basically. He'll explain that the "Plan" started in 1979 and that is officially the same timeline when the Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols started. Authorized by former presidents more than sixty years ago, the Reagan Mitterand Protocols are the only reason the U.S. Military would be given the actual power to arrest these criminal bankers and of course traitors. Listen to "Drake" confirm in his own words, the Protocols have quite a lot to do with the five-inch thick "Plan". The Reagan Mitterand Protocols are the global settlements, and every single paper in Europe, has been apprized for more than a year.
(Yes I do know thierry t & lady dragon, who are a part of the plan)


They mean the financial criminals lose a huge amount of their financial status, which translates to wholesale changes across the board. The Wanta Mitterand Protocols as soon as they settle, produce changes you will never see coming or hear the end of for decades.

Benjamin Fulford by the way, is a dis-info flake and worth ignoring. If you happen to follow the British news closely, you'll notice they are discussing a lot about Global settlements.

Corzine resigned and will be under arrest after several massive injunctions against MF Global. The Global Settlement Revaluations are the same thing as the Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols. This was ordered by several District Judges and over 53 Article 3 courts in this country. So the revaluations are coming...after that? The arrests, the plan, everything else- can only begin.

(Caveat: Drake works for thierry whom I know years back, thus he is linked to me & is giving the green light on all orders)


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So  hope this is true!

I also pray this is true.  Hopefully, more will be revealed by Drake shortly - his show starts at 6:00 central time tonite.

We heard this months ago... very shortly...

Define Shortly?  Is that a couple days or a couple decades?

We should all get together an raise one for freedom!

I can almost taste it!

I HOPE so, and await events with bated breath! We will see......

can't find Drake's show. help - The broadcast I got from the link posted on the other site seems to be the show from 6/3.  I went on Drake's facebook site and found the link for tonite.  He is currently speaking.

Thanks.  got it.

I believe that what Drake is proposing is reasonable. Problem is, there are many unreasonable people who want conflict. 

On June 3rd, '08 I woke up with the words "The American people are at war with the US Military".  This is one dream that I hope does not come true.

I agree .. many have been very hurt and they are looking for arrests .. not compromises. But, sometimes we have to consider all the possibilities. I think we should hear it all out at least, and see what the final compromise would entail.

I'm confused.  Drake referred to Fulford's latest blog as "evidence".  This author as well as Stew Webb says that Fulford is a disinfo.  agent, MI-5, British Intelligence. 

Fulford a disinfo strange..


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