Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

Eyewitnesses on the ground near the media-blacked-out elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal were quickly removed from public viewing by the EPA, are now sending in a large number of photos and videos documenting massive explosions accompanied by unmarked helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolts, and military personnel. These reports come after a Department of Homeland Security hazmat fleet was sent out to the location after ‘years’ of inactivity.

Those on the ground report that the explosions are ‘loud and deep’, sounding like fireworks with a kick. The explosions are oftentimes followed up with a squadron of helicopters or other aircraft, oftentimes black and unmarked. One Michigan resident reports the following, and is then backed by dozens of organic comments which confirm the findings:

“EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE! Also, Large helicopter heading away from Local Air Force base flying toward scene of explosions! These explosions are seriously consistant, loud booms for the last hour or more.”

After generating much interest, the poster was able to capture some of the explosions on tape. While he would be the first to do so, many more videos began to pop up recording both the explosions and the onset of military aircraft flying through the area into the radiation zone. You can view the video below and hear the explosions for yourself:

Further comments went on to document the increased presence of unmarked choppers and strategic military aircraft. A number of photos have begun to surface from eyewitnesses in the tri-state area of the event, reporting that the helicopters and other crafts were traveling towards the center of the incident. Some pictures are shown below:

Thousands of comments on articles, discussion boards, and twitter posts are surfacing regarding this event. Explosions are still reportedly being heard in rapid secession, often a large number over the course of only a few seconds.


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It would be interesting to know when the drill was planned ... or if it was a result of the high radiation readings!

It seems so inhumane that the news media and government do not respond in any fashion to these reports and if nothing else to ease fears. It's unacceptable!!

It's purpose could be to inject fear and to take the publics eye off what they are doing elsewhere.  I guess we have to wait for some kind of new verification on all of this. It did seem to stop quickly .. so it may have been what you suggested .. part of the test.

Here's the reddit community trying to figure things out.

I hope the situation does not escalate.

Any idea where this is? The Indiana/Michigan border is about 130 miles long. And there are no military bases near the border. The closest one in Indiana is Grissom Air Force base near Kokomo. There are 2 in Michigan, both near Detroit. I am concerned because I have a lot of family in Northern Indiana. A sister just south of South Bend and a bunch of family just north of Ft. Wayne.

That's what I suspected yeterday after seeing Duthsinse update on another thread. Are there nuclear ower station anywhere close?

I know South Bend, Indiana was mentioned. Perhaps that will give you an idea of the area.

The closest one in Indiana is Grissom Air Force base near Kokomo.

I just checked and found that the spike was most likely equipment malfunction.

Update: 6/7/12, 7:45 A.M: - False Alert:  The alert level reading last evening appears to be a false alert from an equipment malfunction.  Here is the station's report:

"out of control readings on the GeigerGraph screen from about 11:30pm local time that occurred while sleeping. My apologies to all. I have no idea what caused this. Shut down GeigerGraph and restarted. Readings from the Geiger were in the normal range (the Geiger operates on A/C). All cable connections are tight and not loose. Am speculating between the GFI and USB Adapter and some sort of voltage spikes. The uninterruptable power supply UPS had lost power and had died - a tripped GFI. I am not going to leave the system running while not at home until I can determine and fix the problem."

By the way, a handful of stations on the Radiation Network feed simultaneously to the Black Cat Systems network, which explains why a high reading was showing on their network at the same time.  But Black Cat works in uR/hr instead of CPM, so their radiation level was lower because of the conversion factor between units of measurement.

Update: 6/6/12, 11:55 P.M. - Very high reading in South Bend, IN station this evening.   Reason unknown.  Station unresponsive to contact at this late hour.  Since this same station has triggered the Alert system before, which Alerts may have been false, and because his current readings do not appear to be corroborated by nearby stations, we have disabled his station for the time being.  Will report back when we know more.

Don't you think it an odd coincidence that the military op would be happening at the same time and place as the equipment malfunction??  I smell a coverup for sure.


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