Members are 100% Responsible for ALL posts made under their name, including videos, blogs, forum posts etc. Management takes no responsibility for members breaking the rules other than that they will be banned upon management becoming aware of the problem.

No spamming, selling or advertising in the forum, inboxes of members or anywhere on the site. No advertising links. No posting private information including email or addresses.

No nudity, pornography on the site - anywhere. This includes videos, photos etc.

Please watch your language on posts and in the chatroom as there may be children watching.

No racial slurs, prejudice or bias will be tolerated. No fear-mongering. This refers to videos and anything posted under your name (members).

No racist literature or pictures.

No instigating or threats accepted anywhere on the site or via personal messages. If you are threatened please notify management.

No "screaming" (the repeated use of capital letters to show extreme emotion) A word or two in all caps, fine. 

No continuous holding down of certain keys like !!!!!!!!! or ????????? as this is very distracting and unnecessary and similar to above "screaming". 

New rules may be posted as deemed necessary and will apply immediately.
Perpetrators will immediately be banned from the site.

This is a friendly group seeking truth and reaching out to each other in a friendly and positive manner. Questions or suggestions? Message me. Thank you. Bridget

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