I honestly didn't think I'd be writing this but my daughter has become ill and was admitted to the hospital last night with a myriad of problems including high blood pressure after passing out at home. She has always been so healthy, but I believe she is the perfect example of what a high stress job can do to a person. She has lost a lot of weight in the past year .. far too much.
She is being monitored at this time but she may be in for some time as she also has an eating disorder which has also been exacerbated by the stress of her job. Your prayers are appreciated and I'll keep you updated. 
Thanks a bunch .. love, Bridget

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Sending Love and Healing Light to your daughter and your family.

Thankyou so much Janet.

B send you all forces need to heal your daughter through the healing

energy of Atlantis

I am so very sorry your daughter is going thru this challenging time.There can be no greater trial than the illness of our children.Prayer's for the speedy and complete recovery for your dear daughter.Much Love to you B..

Sending healing prayers to you and your daughter!

I very much appreciate all of your healing prayers and messages .. bless you all. 

Sending prayers for your daughter for complete healing ...

Prayers going out for you and your Daughter, God Bless.

Praying for a swift and complete recovery for your daughter B. Sending love and light to you and your family. We are pretty tough when it comes to our own illness but its very stressful when it's one of our children. I pray you get the right answers quickly. Much love and hugs.

I'm so sorry about your daughter.  Sending prayers for her complete, speedy recovery.

Thankyou Carol, and Sheerie, Jerry & Lynne and everyone. I have some good news. I had a wonderful visit this morning with my daughter and she was really radiant. She was receiving drugs via an iv dripline and it seems to be making the world of difference. Her electrolytes are back to normal as well as her potassium and I was mistaken about her blood pressure .. it was low not high, but it also is back to normal. So I'm really happy now. Looks like maybe a quick recovery .. I can sure handle that! But she will still have ongoing issues to deal with .. and she is determined to do so. Thanks again all .. you really make a difference. :)

An Update: My daughter has been on a waiting list for an "Intervention" type facility for almost a year now. She was finally at the top of the list 2 days ago and was given only 48 hours to prepare to be there (300 miles away). She made it and was admitted today. On reflection this has been a very rough year for her and for the family, but somehow we all made it. I see this as a possible turning point as she will receive the needed tools to overcome this heinous disease. 
There isn't a lot known about eating disorders, but given my firsthand experience with seeing my daughter go through it I can definitely state it is not something that is spoken a lot about .. but should be. When it affects you or someone you love it can tear a family apart. 
My daughter hopes to one day be a spokeswoman and teach others through her own experiences. With her skills I could see that happening. This disease has a lot of stigma surrounding it and many people find it hard to discuss. Most would see it as a repulsive and sickening disorder (which it is), but there are millions of real life people suffering this on a daily basis. 
Anyway I just want to share my happiness that she is finally in treatment and she is very focused on gaining back control over her health and life. In the past year we were close to losing her several times and I am so thankful that God intervened and she is still fighting fiercely. So today I am filled with happiness and excitement for the future. Depending on her success at treatment she will remain in treatment from 1 month to 4, 5 or 6 months. We won't see her at all for at least a month while she is adjusting. I am in daily contact however via phone and email. 
I'm feeling very blessed right now as I too am going for treatment tomorrow on my back. I've had serious issues with my back for almost 10 years and finally have a new Dr. who is willing to try some new treatments on me. Tomorrow I'm going for my first one which is cortisone shots. He feels pretty sure he can at least alleviate a lot of my pain which will allow me a lot more freedom. Pain is very incapacitating especially when it involves the back. So yes I am really looking forward to this :) I could be dancing by the weekend lol. .. well maybe not that fast. 
Your prayers for my daughter during her treatment are appreciated again. Much love, Bridget


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