Shocking Excerpts Read at Tucson School Board Meeting From A Book In The Ethic Studies Curriculum

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Uh my. Don't say bad words at the public meeting.  Teach to 3rd graders....OK
Margaret Mead once clarified that among Homo Sapiens there is only one race, & that we know it to be ourselves, the human race.  Are we regressing to a pre-Civil Rights era of racism, or will we finally re-write history, in an attempt to finally tell the truth?  Obviously, reparations & forgiveness are needed.  In the film, "The Day After Tomorrow,"  there was a desperate migration of northern refugees south into Mexico & Latin America:  Could these be the future "Illegal Immigrants"?
The curse words were the least offensive part of this.
It's a sad time to be in school ... perhaps the institution itself is dieing?

Our school system was ok and only needed tweaking and weeding bad teachers out of the school system before the radical sixties SDS prostitued it with "indoctrination" of our children from Kindergarten to the elite colleges!

From that point the institution of education died and the DOE was born with powerful teachers unions that cared nothing about our children's future! Money, power and tenure are the driving forces of these progressive socialists who, write the text books that ALL teachers must accept and indoctrinate from.

The problem is not the literature, but that the themes are not addressed with time and dialogue sufficient to give context and meaning.  And then, to 3rd graders, which are 8 years old, come on.  It seems to me that there is a wave of ideology within the schools that would raise up an army of people that know little, can not think, but act as  a mob at the least provocation rather than with dialogue.  


Just this week, students in the almost exclusively hispanic schools in Los Angeles were walking out of class, once again, to demonstrate against the school district against the idea of having teachers merit their tenure by measurable performance rather than have it granted for simply being there. 

As an employee in the local school system, this not only hits close to home for me, it's all too typical of the day to day lunacy being force fed to our youth.

From time-outs in a darkened,locked room , smacking a child's hands for misconduct, to endless verbal abuse are all but a few examples of the out-of-control nature of the education industry... and yes, it is most certainly big business, with many outstretched hands all wanting their 'slice' of the annual budget.  Think corruption, kickbacks, under the table deals, etc. 

Administrators suddenly find themselves stuttering and barely able to form a cognitive sentence when questioned on school policy; eventually regaining composure to deny all charges & to inform the troublesome 'whistleblower' that, if they want their job, their silence is mandatory. Meanwhile, the children are paying the price, daily.

The vid has been pulled..but the comments were interesting :-) .
OOPS! it has been removed

it has been reincarnated at 


it's SO hard to censor things these days because if someone has downloaded the video, they can just upload it again.  tee hee. 

Nice one Patricia! :)


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