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that is one scary noise!

Keep us posted please, especially those of us in Chicago.  Those were very strange noises.  I wonder if they're connected to the technology the powers that be have in place in the Chicago area to thwart any anti-NATO stuff this weekend.

It reminds me of that hollow echo in a tunnel, kinda like an underground railway.

over-lapping realities?

if i was you, i would get out of chicago now

I agree Roy .. if at all possible I know I would plan a trip out of town for that week. I know not all can so if you are unable .. at least stay away from government buildings and large gatherings .. anywhere that could be a "target".  You also need to stay in a healthy and positive frame of mind and not let fear grip you. We make bad judgement calls when consumed with fear.

I was on Youtube last night listening to everyones videos that have pretty much exactly that same sound.  Since January 2012 ...... Everyone of the videos and the people in them were saying exactly the same thing as this guy.  That is; it sounds like it is coming from the sky.  I am talking about videos from New Zealand, Australia, Germany, other States in the USA, Canada, UK ......  Exactly or very similar sounds!  I believe that most of the videos I came across there were cloudy days.  This sound/these sounds are different from the banging and booming (like explosion) sounds that others have been hearing, recording and making videos of. 

My first thoughts about these sounds .......  You are all going to think I am a wack job (but they are only initial thoughts) ...... SPACESHIPS ......

Not wacko my friend... If you're wacko then we all must be... :-)

I will not be surprised if it was sound produced by  HAARP just to scary peoples who are still in the matrix and not wake up, with prophecial sound like trompets of Jericho before the end of time. This is pure mental manipulation, with HAARP they can do what ever they like to make you beleive it........

Scientists are confirming that these sounds are real.

But their re explanations are very different, such as:

"But experts have said that there are rational explanations. University of Saskatchewan physics professor Jean-Pierre St. Maurice told CTV that it’s electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation belts."

  Geoscientist David Deming from the University of Oklahoma, meanwhile, has previously written about a phenomenon called The Hum – ‘a mysterious and untraceable sound that is heard in certain locations around the world by two to ten per cent of the population’. Writing in the Journal of Scientific Exploration, he said that sources of The Hum could include telephone transmissions and ‘aircraft operated by the U.S Navy for the purpose of submarine communications’.
According to Nasa, the Earth has ‘natural radio emissions’.

Neither one of these theories explains why we never heard them previously though.


Here's a recent one currently discussed on ATS.

From Dorset-UK


..... and here I was thinking that the spaceships were only coming for me!

Seriously though, it did also cross my mind that they were electromagnetic sounds coming from earth herself or  from our immediate atmosphere.  There has been an awful lot of solar activity which could have something to do with the sounds too.

After listening to a couple first up, It also reminded me of myself when I moan and groan with tummy ache - from over indulging.  Our planet could be more upset and unwell than we think.

They are intriguing and exciting times we live in. 




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