The illustrated horrors of Auschwitz: Scenes from death camp drawn by inmate and hidden in a bottle displayed for first time

Drawings of children ripped from arms of mothers and bodies loaded on to lorries
Jewish artist would have faced certain execution if works had been found

The only works of art depicting the horrors of Auschwitz in occupied Poland - made by an inmate and hidden in a bottle - have gone on display for the first time at the camp's museum.

Children can be seen being torn from the arms of their mothers and a guard smoking a cigarette outside a gas chamber as bodies are loaded into a lorry are among the artworks on show.

They were made in secret - their discovery at the time would have meant instant execution for the artist - and hidden in a bottle that was then stashed into the eaves of one of the huts.

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Incredible drawings.Thanks so much for sharing this Bridget!

This is just propaganda IMHO. It happened to Native American (still is), it happened to Africans probably worst. Jews got restitution, African and Natives of the US never did. So get over it! Just like the rest of us have.

I believe it very well may be propaganda as well Christl, but death to any is appalling. Be it Africans, Native Americans, Jews, Iraqis, .. no restitution will ever make up for the losses of our fellow humans. War and killing is inhumane .. and we must never forget.

The idea of not forgetting is to make sure it never happens again - to anyone.  The fact that Jews got restitution is irrelavant.  Most did not get restitution.  They had to sue the various countries and prove their lives and income were disrupted and their lives changed and were worse off for it.  And then again, the restitution was not much money.  Each individual country decided on their own what to do about restitution.  If the U.S. didn't do it, it's shame on them.  There's no comparison.


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