Many thousands of people feel something happened to the timeline after 911. They sense the world embarked upon a path it was not meant to travel. Did the global shock wave of the terrorist attacks affect the mass consciousness? Did it cause a discernable rift in the timeline and set the world spinning onto a dangerous new path?


Reality may have been pushed into another timeline affecting the future and changing some of the recent past. Ongoing research and anecdotal evidence seems to support the possibility that reality did reset. And no matter how mad it seems, humanity may have been thrust into a different reality with no possibility of ever finding the way back home…
"Reality is not always probable, or likely." - Jorge Luis Borges

A poster on the Above Top Secret (ATS) forum raised an issue that has been bothering many people. Some who are uneasy about what's happened do not speak up for fear of being labeled kooks, or even thought to be mentally ill. But many people are experiencing the same reality shift and when discussing it among friends or family members discover that others also remember distinct details of a subtlely different past.

The poster, "tpg65," posted this about timeslips and timeshifts:

With all the recent threads regarding timeslips or timeline changes and literally hundreds of ATS members reporting anomalies with time, I think it is about time that the subject be given some serious study.

Here are some of the most common anomalies reported by ATS members.

1) Celebrities who were once dead but are now alive.

2) Changes in recent historical events.

3) Changes in movies, books, etc.

4) Changes in the location of or sudden appearance of buildings, roads, etc.

5) Changes in location of landmasses.
A fork in the road?

Think back on certain events where the details are indelibly embedded in the mind. Compare notes with others. Some will recall (often with astonishment) the exact same details while others have no recollection of such an event.

How can this be?
Research into the holistic mind of cognitive consciousness is revealing that the mind is not merely inter-dimensional and inter-spatial, but also multi-universal. The mind is contained in a biochemical computer, but operates at the quantum level. [See: The quantum brain, parallel worlds and time shifts]

Physics experiments have shown that the quanta, the underlying foundation of existence and reality, affects the mind. That is remarkable, but even more astounding is the mind affects the quanta and affects the information the quanta carries.
In effect, the universe downloads into aware minds and the mind uploads into reality, affecting the very nature of the multiverse in significant but unknown ways.

The mind is also anchored to this universe. But when an incident occurs where that anchor is unseated, that mind may slip into another reality, another multiverse, before the anchor is seated again. Some may recall parts of the old reality, like vestiges of a previous imprint, while others have no recollection of what was at all.

That is a multiverse jump. It's not a timeshift or a timeslip; it's a universe shift traveling along quantum entanglement.

Recent experiments have shown that quantum entanglement might even jump across the so-called "time barrier." [See:
Quantum entanglement might cross 'time barrier']

The Princeton connection

Remarkable experiments were conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab from 1979 until 2007. The work stirred up huge controversy in the field of human consciousness.

Using a random number generator, the scientists tracked what they identified as a "group consciousness." The data, harvested by Random Event Generators (REG) and charted on graphs, had a tendency to spike just before an incident occurred that had worldwide impact on the psyches of the global population.

PEAR strived to achieve what the researchers called "a state of resonance" and they claimed the data presented “a consistent empirical indication in the presence of groups of people engaged in shared cognitive or emotional activity” [Field REG II: Consciousness field effects: Replications and explorations, Journal of Scientific Exploration]
Multi-dimensional hyperbolic interface of quanta-consciousness

Robert G. Jahn, was the acting program director, and one of the greatest proponents of the research was Roger D. Nelson in his role as the Operations Coordinator. Nelson's remarkable white paper, Correlations of Continuous Random Data With Major World Events, can be viewed here.

“One conceptual hypothesis for the group-related anomalies indicated by FieldREG is that the emotional/intellectual dynamics of the interacting participants somehow generate a coherent ‘consciousness field,’ to which the REG responds via an anomalous decrease in the entropy of its nominally random output.”
Illustration of retrocausality – PEAR research group
The results of the ongoing research led many who supported the project to believe that mass consciousness anticipates a major world event and that such an event can therefore be predicted.

FieldREG data showed spikes with varying intensity for major events (some listed here) that include such worldwide incidents as the death of Princess Diana and the terrorist attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001.

The assumption that mass consciousness is anticipating the events is based on correlation of the data and not on empirical evidence. As such, critics emerged that raised many questions about the validity of the project and the methodology of the data gathering process.

There's no doubt, however that spikes occur during events that might be considered "divergence points." These events are causing a rift in the time-space anchor of consciousness that can be measured by the Princeton research.

Instead of the spikes being cause by unconscious anticipation of an event slipping backwards through the timestream, however, the phenomenon may also be caused by consciousness shifting into another reality, or another new timestream, intiated by the shockwaves of the event that causes a divergence from the probable future to a less likely future and also resets what was the recent past.
Evidence of a 'reset button' being pushed

As raised for discussion on the ATS forum, if a multiverse shift occurs and a new timestream emerges, many will have the ability to remember certain events in the past that no longer exist. That is because the human mind is partly outside the construct perceived as reality and partly outside of the main timestream.

Again, the most common anomalies reported are:

1) Celebrities who were once dead but are now alive.

2) Changes in recent historical events.

3) Changes in movies, books, etc.

4) Changes in the location of or sudden appearance of buildings, roads, etc.

5) Changes in location of landmasses.

Some who experience this phenomenon believe they are no longer in the same universe. They can point to major incidents that occurred that others also distinctly recall that no longer exist.

The most glaring examples of anomalies occur with disruptions or disappearances of recent historical events, especially famous people who were dead, but are now alive.
2000 presidential election may have warped timeline911 terror attacks may have created temporal waves reseting reality

Personal research since 2006 has revealed that two events may have shifted what was into a new reality: the Presidential election of 2000 may have warped the timeline, followed nine months later by the worldwide shock at the events that became known simply as 911.

Following the dead-not dead celebrity thread, the phenomenon seems to affect only some who died no earlier than 1995 and carried forward to 2005, a span of about 10 years. It's as if a ripple in reality affected events across five years into the past and five years into the future.
Shift in the multiverse

A multiverse shift is something that's almost impossible for mainstream science to prove or disprove. Since the phenomenon affects the consciousness at possibly the quantum level, science has neither the technology or methodology needed to quantify objective evidence.

That something very odd occurred, however, is not in contention as many thousands, perhaps millions, can point to certain celebrity deaths and agree on the details of the death and the immediate aftermath and reporting.
The dead don't die

The following is an extremely abbreviated synopsis of some of the better cases that many recall with some measure of detail. Why some recall these deaths more vividly than others is an unknown. Some people will recall some of the deaths while having no recollection of others. A few people recall deaths that the majority do not.

One passing many seem to recall was the well-publicized death of South African Nelson Mandella, who is, mysteriously, now alive. Mandella originally died during that 10 year window.

A few celebrity deaths that many seem to recall in detail:Kirk Douglas

Many recall Kirk Douglas dying in the late 1990s, reading his obituary, hearing news stories and seeing video reports. A significant number can recall (and even still see it in their minds-eye) a specific report from Los Angeles—carried over the networks—by a reporter that tried to interview Michael Douglas about the death of his father. The location was the Forest Lawn Cemetary in Hollywood Hills. Many remember watching Michael Douglas openly weeping after the funeral.

As of this writing, Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas is still alive…or, perhaps more accurately, he's alive again.
Kurt Vonnegut

Famous author Kurt Vonnegut died in 1997. That death is remembered by quite a number of his fans. But suddenly after 911 Kurt Vonnegut wasn't dead. The author had a popular website kept in his memory. After his "resurrection" any reference to his death on the website completely vanished.

Vonnegut died again on April 11, 2007, about 10 years after his "original" death.
Richard Chamberlain

An accomplished stage and screen actor best known for his roles in The Thorn Birds and Shogun, Chamberlain was the heartthrob of many American women early in his career when he played the young, idealistic Doctor Kildare on the TV series of the same name.

Chamberlain's death in the late 1990s from AIDs shocked many of his fans who never knew the actor was gay. The news coverage on his death contained many tributes and leaned heavily on clips from The Thorn Birds.

Since news reports, archives, clippings and video about these resurrected celebrities always vanish, it's not surprising that those who discovered the charismatic actor had suddenly returned from the grave were stunned. Some had videotapes of the news reports. When they went to retrieve the tapes that contained the reports about Chamberlain's death, the tapes had either disappeared or contained different programming.
Helen Thomas

Notoriously controversial reporter and a member of the White House Press Corps, Helen Thomas died of heart failure during the final years of the Clinton Administration. Some can recall that President Clinton himself eulogized her and many ex-presidents spoke about her death. She was dead and buried for years until 2004 when she suddenly appeared again sitting in on a White House press briefing.

All the years she had been dead were somehow "filled in" and it was as if she were never gone. For some in politics, they probably fervently wished she never returned.

As of this writing, Helen Thomas is still (again) very much alive.

There are dozens more. You may be able to add to the list yourself. It's more than just a "faulty memory" when you ask someone else who remembers a death and supplies you with the exact same details from their memory that you recall without any prompting on your part.
Another Earth, another timeline

Time is more a perception than a reality, and so is existence. Cognitive awareness shapes our environment as much as we shape the things around us.
Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku strongly argues in favor of the multiverse

If bubble universes are being infinitely created, as some like world-renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku believe, then divergences are more the norm than an aberration. What was can change and causality can travel both ways.
An alien New York City on a different multiverse Earth [Emi]

Recent experiments have suggested that an effect can precede the cause, at least at the sub-atomic level. Yet, the sub-atomic level is the very foundation of existence and the binary reality of the universe—particles and waves—are both two sides to the same thing: the quanta.

Disturbing cases have surfaced throughout history of people and places out of time. Visitors to our world that shouldn't be here or terrified Earthlings finding themselves on another version of Earth. That time, space and the very nature of existence can be—and most likely is—mutable begins to become undeniable when the evidence is carefully sifted and analyzed.

How many Earth's are there?
Perhaps an uncountable number…Earths where the dinosaurs never died and went on to build starships…Earths where 911 never happened…or simply an Earth where a woman chose to wear her red dress instead of her blue one.
Alternate world newspaper you'll never see

No way back

Is it possible to return to the Earth that existed before 2000-2001 and follow the original timeline? Would the dead that are now alive choose to be dead again? What if you died in 1998, but are now alive thanks to the multiverse divergence?
If you don't think that's remotely possible, consider this unnerving observation by a frightened poster on ATS:

"I think I am Dead" [Edited]

"What I am here for tonight are answers, suggestions, or input that you can offer about something that has kinda changed my life. On 2/28/11 I picked my girlfriend up to go to her best friend's wedding.

"After several hours of fun we decided to leave. My friend offered us a ride home, which I declined, saying 'I would be fine.'

"The next morning I wake up with my GF by my side but my heart is pounding and I am stricken with sorrow. I had a dream that we crashed on the country road leaving the reception and my GF was killed. I could only see her with a chunk of wood plunged into her chest and blood everywhere. I laid there for what was only a few seconds when she awoke and grabbed me and said 'I thought you where dead.' She said she saw me smashed halfway through the windshield of my car looking at her but she knew I was dead.

"After holding her for nearly an hour I had convinced her that it was just a dream. Then I noticed that some things had changed. Her hair was slightly longer, (by at least 2 inches) and the room looked light blue instead of the off white as it had always been. I brushed it off as me just being hung over.

"Since then I have this recurring dream of the two of us leaving the wedding reception and crashing into the woods on the winding country road. I see a tree branch that has broken through the windshield and impaled her chest.

"Things are different than they used to be. The tree in my front yard is bigger than I remember, not by much, just different. Outside smells different. Everything tastes different. My billfold is black instead of brown. But the thing that has me really scared is I have the feeling that we do not belong here.

"I am afraid that my dream is real." [Posted June 2011]


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I definately recall Kirk Douglas passing away. I know because my father-in-law (also passed away around the same time)  looked quite similar with the dimpled chin etc. My husband and I talked about it at the time. So, I have to wonder how can this be? Many of my dreams are in another reality as well with many of the same people in my life, but not all playing the same roles they are in this life. Definately food for thought here.

I think we shifted in to the Freakin Twilight Zone more like it LOL

Well let's get outa here lol. :)

I fall into the I can't remember some parts and remember vividly other parts.   Sometimes I tell a story of what I remember and people look at me like I am an alien from another world.

WTF I certainly do not recall  Kirk Douglas passing away or Helen Thomas...

My mother passed away May 2000 and after 911 she is still gone.

So yeah.

Strange Brad ... do you remember this? I sure don't!
2 Die as Plane, Copter Crash; Kirk Douglas, 2 Others Hurt

I remember reading it on Wikipedia ages ago

Wow-this is so strange. I too recall Douglas passing away- I remember our family had a big discussion about him at the time- we talked of all his movie roles etc.

It is weird Cathy .. I've questioned it before. I think when we die we just jump into another timeline .. and just keep on going. I sensed that when I had a few close calls (maybe they weren't close calls, but actually happened) .. once I drowned and once I was hit by a car. The sensation of falling and my life spiralling. Seeing my whole life before me in a matter of seconds. I don't know how else to explain it. The reality I woke up in,  if not this one .. was pretty close. It's very strange.

For me it didn't happen on 9/11. For me everything was still the same as it was before 9/11, but in 1979 I was hurt in a buliding fire. I was in a coma for two months. When I woke up I had certian memories that I swear were real, but everyone kept telling me It didn't happen that way an that this happened, and for the longest time I thought I was going crazy but I just kept telling myself that it was because of the accident. there may be something to this. Stay Tuned.

A lot of this resonates with me. And I have gotten far too accustomed to keeping things to myself because as this article states early-on: some do not speak up for fear of being labeled kooks, or even thought to be mentally ill. I've been the recipient of the phrase 'tin-foil hat wearer' a couple of times in the past. But this is the place to speak up, so....

Kirk Douglas - yeah, I definitely have some memory about him dying. No real details so much as just a feeling. The other names didn't connect.

There are days I wake up and for lack of a better term I feel as though I've 'slipped' into a slightly different reality. There are only minor differences (that I can identify) but it is enough of a sensation to stay with me.

I have vague memories of events or conversations with people and often when mentioning them to the other people later they have absolutely zero recollection. I seem to be carrying a certain amount of history in my mind that no one else remembers. Another way of saying it is that I often feel alone in the possession of a memory.

And yes, there are times when I too consider the possibility that I've died - and am not aware of it. I feel like I've made it through certain incidents that looking back, I'm not exactly sure how I could have made it. It makes me think that maybe I didn't. Almost like our mind keeps the story going even if in another reality it came to an end.

Anyways, that is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the weird, quirky, supernatural and seemingly unexplainable occurences I've noticed the past few years...

Pretty much par for the course these days.



Thanks for sharing that Steve .. sharing is how we will find out the truth. I've heard it said before that all these different realities are to come together by the end of 2012 and we connect with all the other (us) .. I can't fathom that, but I can see the possibilities. At that point we are to have our super powers and can you imagine the widsom if it were true?


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