Transpicuous Views July 16 2017 Part 1, 2 .... if you don't know.... RemovingtheShackles

Published on Jul 16, 2017

After this Wednesday nights UnFu%kIt Discussion: Deja Vu and the Question of hidden accounts,  I was planning on putting this entire topic to rest and to move on to other discussions.....
But in observing the reactions of people to this viral conversation about accessing hidden accounts in the Federal Reserve and Treasury Direct... Too many people are contemplating getting involved in this, with little to no comprehension of WHAT IT IS, what is involved, or even the basic "rules of engagement".  So I decided to have a very CLEAR conversation on this topic, and be VERY straight forward in what is what and to lay this out in a very (opinionated, lol) manner.  This is Part 1 of last night's Transpicuous Views Show.

Stay Tuned for Transpicuous Views Part 2: The Virtual Question

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