Typhoon Haiyan Aftermath (Yolanda) -- Nov 10, 2013 (update and how to help)

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Thanks for the relief help list.  I wasn't aware the Salvation Army had a World Service Office...will send them something, as well as what I sent to Mercy Corps.

Typhoon Haiyan Death Toll Tops 10,000, According To Official Estimates

This is so sad and the more that the pictures come out- the more heart-breaking it all is.

Thanks for the links on where to help but personally after 911 I totally lost faith in the red cross to use the funds to really help people.

Right thing to do Cathy ...... Yes this is very sad.  But Millions of dollars in tax payer money goes into Aide for countries, which on reflection is just stupid when the people of your own country need help.  An example is millions of Aide dollars (tax payer dollars) are paid to Indonesia by Australia - that money is apparently spent by the Indonesian Government on new military equipment - rather than being used to help those most in need in that country.  Millions of dollars going off shore when we are seeing families losing their homes and are struggling to feed their families, more people living on the street than ever ...... yes even in Australia.

Keep what you have - your may need it someday soon - I am sure we are all going to personally experience some level of devastation in the coming months or years.

Yes ..In the States they rolled out brand new state of the art Stealth Destroyers,New Aircraft carriers,Stealth planes etc etc etc,,worth billions and billions and life goes on.>Of course millions and millions of people suffer and life goes on and who notices?

The next big earthquake is coming very soon ,,west coast and wondering <you will be fine Bridget>,,if that will awaken those to the prophesies of the ancients..., ...ommmmm

I am currently sending a care package to 3 families in the Phils. Dry foods, blankets, shirts, etc.

Better way to go I reckon.  That way you can ensure the relief is actually going to those that really need it.  I have found a large amount of the money given to aide agencies is gobbled up in management and administration costs and hardly anything gets to those in need. 


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