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The Four Horseman 2.0

Every generation (of Christians and non-Christians alike) is aware of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their interpretation from scholars throughout the centuries. Although there have been a few differences on the third and last horsemen, almost all will agree that the meanings of each are as such...

1st - Anti-Christ

2nd - War

3rd - Famine

4th - Death

I will give my own interpretations of these heralds and they are NOTHING like what…


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A Prayer from a Watchman...

"I am a sovereign individual, a trinity of freedom and a Child of God - something that you cannot comprehend nor attain. I have an open mind (God the Father), a compassionate heart (His Son, the Lamb - Jesus) and a free spirit (The Holy Spirit) and I defy you to enslave all three. There are no shackles to contain my thoughts, no chains to restrict my feelings and no prison to hold my faith. I am one of many...

You shall try in vain to grasp total control…


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An Open Letter To A Higher Power...

To whomever you are, the one who has been with me from my first steps to my future dying breath, this letter is to you...


I have seen days pass that have been intriguing, instructional, painful, hopeful, ambitious, joyous and regretful. They are all a part of who I am now and you have been with me to witness it all. I have bloomed into a being of self awareness and and self conscious. I have taken the good with the bad and learned from them both and left the rest for…


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What is Reality? What is this world I am looking at? How am I creating it? How does someone else create it? Without the knowledge of this reality, how can we understand the world we are living in? How can we be free if we don't even know who we are or what we are part of?

This world is a world that only exists in our mind. That's where this world exists. What we think is out there - automobiles, trees, houses, walls, books - surely it's out there. It seems to be out there...No, it's… Continue

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Illuminati Card Game and The NWO

I will be taking a break from my other blog (Has Your Alarm Clock Gone Off Yet?) to write about something I am finding very curious and worth looking into: Steve Jackson's 'Illuminati Card Game'.


I am sure that a lot of you are familiar with these prophetic cards that became a craze back in the late 90's. During my time as a gamer, I was compelled to buy a deck just to see what the cards were all about, however I never did get the opportunity. Gut feeling…


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Has Your Alarm Clock Gone Off Yet? - a Retrospective from a YTN Member (part 2)

And my conscience said 'Let There Be Light'...and there was...


A few days past since the DOW took a slide for the worse and the economy began sinking like the Titanic. What the hell happened? Did I just witness a revelation? These so called 'Time Monks' were spot on. What's on the tube lately? Nothing special it seems. Nothing but child like entertainment and school yard bullying debates. The news has become mundane and pointless as well. Do I really care about a dog finding…


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Has Your Alarm Clock Gone Off Yet? - a Retrospective from a YTN Member (part 1)

In the beginning, my beginning, there was darkness. A veil of secrecy and deception painted in the colors of Parties and Concerts. Beer and Bar Rooms. Everyday life and everyday people. All seemed so real and vaguely fulfilling. A daily routine with a reward after 2 weeks. A home to call my own with a pet and a fenced in yard. A mate or 2 depending on the year and my mood, and of course the only true friend I have ever had my entire life - the Cathode Ray Tube. From Bugs Bunny in childhood…


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Fukushima Daiichi - BP Disaster Redux

On March 11, 2011, Japan suffered a catastrophic earthquake that measured 8.9 on the Richter Scale. The quake was just off the coast of northeastern Japan near the township of Sendai and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power-station. Occurring 15.2 miles down just off the coast of the Oshika Peninsula, the hypo-center of this mega-quake generated a Tsunami that would seal the fate of the Sendai Township and all surrounding farms. A wall of water measuring 72 feet high moving at speeds in some…


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Back in November of '09, NASA sent LCROSS to the Moon in order for it to collect data based on a kinetic impact. It was to look for 'water'. I am no scientist, but I find it hard to believe that shooting a huge bullet at the Moon will prove there is water there. Can we do the same experiment here? Can I shoot my 40 caliber at the ground and find water? Maybe I'd find 'Black Gold - Texas Tea' before I found good old H-2-O, right? According to NASA, there is water there. And then as fast as it…


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