A beautiful act of compassion against a barbaric tradition declared by a government as a national cultural legacy............

An Act of heroism of humanity for freedom. Read please.
I jump in the ring for the peace in the square of torture of ' la malagueta ". Yesterday 13 th of August.

Thank you all for your words... In spite of the insults escupitajos and kicking that I was behind the barrier while alzaban hands like that I do not were playing, to let you know that I am perfectly... I went with the idea of record to all those learners matadores perform his carniceria, but at clavarle the sword what I heard moan of pain and I saw in the eyes of the animal as he was feeling lonely and asking because????? Which made me jump to hug him and that I felt that if mattered to someone between all those applause while began drowning.. I was able to hug him before being apuntillado and I saw his eyes looking at the horizon of the sand and as his chest even I was trying to take air... Never'll understand who can enjoy this.. All this decorated with a large canvas in the plaza in which they could read well big "sponsored by the diputacion of malaga". They are all all cowards, including those in the stands that I sorpredio see the face of energumenos chiyandome escupiendo, etc with the faces desencajadas, never seen so much hate in people. But outside get down the head went out with her well dedicandoles high and a smile to everyone. I only care about that I gave him his last caress for he left feeling this energy of love before you cross the rainbow. As I do not have security or public or private was retained within the square between two closed doors while several men were supposed to hold on to another that had organised bull I wanted lincharme the brave.
' God forgive them for they know not what they do....
Virginia Ruiz

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Comment by UnSlaveMe on August 16, 2015 at 4:51pm

I agree with her Roberto .. how we as a civilization act towards other living creatures is horrible. Using the lives of animals for senseless pleasure and sport is barbaric.


Nothing compares to the Majesty of God!



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