"I am a sovereign individual, a trinity of freedom and a Child of God - something that you cannot comprehend nor attain. I have an open mind (God the Father), a compassionate heart (His Son, the Lamb - Jesus) and a free spirit (The Holy Spirit) and I defy you to enslave all three. There are no shackles to contain my thoughts, no chains to restrict my feelings and no prison to hold my faith. I am one of many...

You shall try in vain to grasp total control but you shall fail in your attempt to enslave us and I cannot feel anything but pity for you and rebuke your actions. You do not realize that by trying to control something greater than yourself, YOU shall be imprisoned in the process. Your ideals of world domination have made you the first to wear the chains. You are all slaves to the concept of a totalitarian, draconian & luciferian system - A New World Order - Satan. Meaningless...

You may take the lives of myself or some of my brethren, but this does not ensure you a victory. Death does not overcome an open mind, silence a compassionate heart nor instill fear in a free spirit of faith. Death drives this trinity to maintain. This trinity is my strength. As for my loved ones and patriots that shall pass on, they will be in a more beautiful place than the earth you cling to so dearly. As for those that remain, the seeds of destiny have been planted and there is nothing you can do to prevent the coming fruition. Truth is eternal...

I believe in the proverbs, psalms, and the scriptures - "GOD is my refuge and my fortress" and "No weapon forged against me shall prosper". I live by the creeds of my forefathers and the words of Christ - "to ensure Life, Liberty and Happiness" and to "Do unto others as I would have them do in return". For I am a Child of the Lamb who died for me and the master of my mind, life, and spirit. I choose freedom, compassion and faith as my keepers - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. A trinity that I shall pass on to my children and theirs...

As for you...Winds of Change are coming..."

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