I like to share with you the thought of Nina my daughter

Learn to Love and forget to hate” Nina Durante

And may I ask you to become fan of her page on facebook if you have it


She like to introduce you to her book by sharing the first chapter

Copyright 2013 by Nina Durante

Story by Nina Durante.

That's me, I am Nina Durante and the reason that I

decided to write my story of my Dads story about

the Little Light Point is because as I am 12 years

old, I know and understand the way that children


A special thanks for Andrea, my friend Christina´s

Mum for helping me to correct my little mistakes of

the English language.

This book is dedicated to my Dad and to my

Great Grand Ma Charlotte Dumas, and everyone

who reads this book, and sees it as one

inspiration to wake up and discover who they

really are.

As my dad always told me:

Please never forget that we are spiritual

beings having a physical experience here on the

planet Earth, and not a human being who is

having a spiritual experience.”

Chapter one.

When my Great Grand Ma appears to my dad for

the first time...

When my Dad was 11 years old, it happens what I will tell you

in this story. Are you ready for it, then let me start.

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Roberto, that's

my dad and although he didn’t know it in that time, he was

going to play an important role in the future.

One night, after he had brushed his teeth, Roberto climbed

into his bed and turned off the light.

He closed his eyes for a good night sleep and started to


But wait, this was a big surprise and this was not a dream!!

His Grand Ma, can you imagine his happiness!

Who he believed that she was dead for a few years, was

there, sitting on the end of his bed smiling at him! How was

this possible?

Roberto was so excited! Here was his wonderful Grand Ma!

He lent towards her to touch her but Grand Ma made him

understand that this was not possible for him. As he started

to see her clearly, she did not have a body like him; she was

made of light, like a rainbow in a human form.

So Roberto, my Dad, sat up straight in his bed and said…

Grand Ma, how is it possible, that you are here with me in my


Roberto couldn't believe what he was seeing.

I believed that you were dead, I was very sad when you left

me and were not here for me any more.”

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Comment by Carol Iwanski on December 1, 2013 at 5:35pm

I know you must be very proud of her Roberto...and you should be, she sounds very wise beyond her years.

Comment by UnSlaveMe on December 1, 2013 at 4:13pm

I'm sure you are one proud Papa Roberto. :) Thanks for sharing.


Nothing compares to the Majesty of God!



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