Frame a drug case and steal your wealth

1037. Stolen victim's signature (9/2/2018)

My wife and I have a joint account in Wells Fargo Bank. About a decade ago, my wife
opened a bank account of her own so that joint account was neglected. The account is
maintained with certain amount of deposit because there is a safe box under its name.
Anyhow, there was statement from bank every month.

Last September 2, my wife was arranged a travel. I think there was a plot to murder her
and me. The significant event was N.Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb (as distraction)
(see #980, 981, 984). I also found the Feds had planted drug powder in newspaper to
justify search and arrest.

When they could plant drug trace in newspaper, it's easy to plant powder in letters.
Thus I seldom touch those junk mails and utility mails.

In later July, my wife reminded me there was a wrongly addressed letter from Home
Owners' Association to me. (see "1032. Removal of surveillance car (8/5/2018)") So I
started to check the pile of unopened letters.

I found Wells Fargo Bank stopped mailing their monthly statement since March. That never
happened before. Feds plotted a murder case in March (from 3/14 to 3/30) See "1012.
Murder attempt on my wife three days later (3/27/2018)" The Feds used to kill their
targets and loot their wealth, I told my wife to check what happened.

She went to Wells Fargo on 8/11, Saturday. They said the statements were held because
the account was inactive and promised to print some checks for her next week.

That night near seven o'clock, someone knocked at the door. My wife said it's a salesman
from a company named "SFE"(Energy California, Inc.) It offers a three years plan program
that customer pays a fixed monthly rate on natural gas to avoid tiered pricing. My wife
has signed the agreement.

I view it as an intimidation from the Feds. A response to our inquiry on bank
statements. It's a way to get the signature from the victim so they could loot their
wealth by fake document with stolen signature. A dead victim can't verify her signature.
I think so because the salesman came on Saturday night. Same day my wife visited Wells
Fargo Bank. That "SFE" has no formal address. It is: P.O.BOX 967, BUFFALO, NY 14240-
0967. I think it is a company run by the Feds. The main purpose is to get victims'

25 years ago, I had a feeling that the Feds would have murdered me in September. So I
quit the business. One month later, I found my worry was very true. The Feds create an
event to get my new credit card. Since then I realize the Feds are mob like bands.


34. The lost Credit Card

I had a Visa card. About in September 1993, Visa card company said they would transfer
my Visa card into GM Mastercard. I wonder why they did so and thought they might sold
business to another company.

In Oct. 15, Visa card company gave me a letter, said that as one of select customers,
they were sending me a Mastercard to replace Visa card. Usually this was a notice and
customers would receive the card in a week or so. I didn't pay much attention on this
because at that time, I felt pressure on my business. Newspaper said Mrs. Chen's drug
case would be sentenced next week. Berryessa Flea Market announced there would be a
Festival next week. There would be music, and free beer. I've been in Berryessa for
nearly 10 years. It was the first time experience. Free beer reminded me of free
entertainment of Disneyland for FBI agent. It seemed that they would close the drug case
and had a celebration. I knew I was much more a target than any real criminals because I
knew too much dark side of Federal law enforcement agency. I didn't know what they would
do but expected there would be a violent end. So I abandoned my business that week.

In Nov. 24, GM Card co. mailed me a letter, reminding me they had sent me the card, and
emphasized with bold letter that:" If you have not received your new card(s), please
call our Lost/Stolen Dept. at......." The same sentence was put in an eye-catching box
at the top of the letter. I called that number. Staff said they would cancel the lost
card and mail me new one. Right next day, I received the letter contained new
Mastercard. "What an efficiency!" I admired while calling Card company to confirm of
receipt. To my surprise, I was interrogated by the staff for sometime. Then they told me
the card number I confirmed was reported lost yesterday and should be the card due in my
hands one month ago. I immediately realized someone surveying on my mail had held the
credit card. They only released it when touched off by report lost phone call. That's
why I got the lost mail next day to the phone call. The promised new card arrived nine
days later.

Since then I was aware they even developed a system to steal from people. Everything was
well planed in advance, they even could get a credit card of full amount from victim
which the dead man could never verify. It may also explain why they are so easily kill
innocent people: they can always 'profit' from it, either by credit card, cash or their
collections. And it is the safest loot, no one will complain. All victims are dead

1038. Planting drug trace in yard trash (9/9/2018)

Because the Feds (FBI, DEA)try to frame me in drug case, I had to take basin bath and
avoiding trash garbage. I used to burn the yard trash.

This summer several wildfires the largest in California history burned the state for
nearly two months.

[quote]Largest California Wildfire Won't Be Contained Until September, Officials Say
August 8,

Cal Fire pushed back its estimate for containment by two weeks for the massive blaze,
which is made up of the adjacent River and Ranch fires. Officials had previously
anticipated full containment by Aug. 15, but now say it will be Sept. 1.

I have a feeling such a long lasting wildfires were the work of the Feds. The purpose is
to find a reason to stop me from burning withered leaves.

On August 30, when the fire were reported contained, I burned some withered grass. Two
days later-Labor Day, I heard some noise at front yard. It was my neighbor - Mr.Wu. I
rarely saw him, perhaps once a year. He was trimming plant in his flower bed. There was
not much trash, but he made a noise. he put the yard trash on street. I think the Feds
called him here to do a guide work. They hope me to do same thing instead of burning the
trash. I didn't follow.

Then New California wildfires Prompts Mandatory Evacuations. Will they keep the fire
continue to burn till the end of September?

[quote]Wildfire that closed key California highway explodes in size
Saturday, September 8, 2018[/quote]

I think the Feds is framing a case of "finding drug trace in yard trash" on me.

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