Has Your Alarm Clock Gone Off Yet? - a Retrospective from a YTN Member (part 2)

And my conscience said 'Let There Be Light'...and there was...


A few days past since the DOW took a slide for the worse and the economy began sinking like the Titanic. What the hell happened? Did I just witness a revelation? These so called 'Time Monks' were spot on. What's on the tube lately? Nothing special it seems. Nothing but child like entertainment and school yard bullying debates. The news has become mundane and pointless as well. Do I really care about a dog finding his way home thousands of miles away? Do I feel the need to be chastised for what I politically believe? Take your pick - Fluffy goes home or Osama Bin Laden, the big bad boogeyman, is at it again.


'UnSlaveMe' - the white rabbit, the proverbial enigma revealing more and more on my flat-screen monitor, the iconic 'Les Miserables' child of sadness, the fellow truth seeker who helped open my eyes. Every day is something new and intriguing. It was like a buffet for the intellect. So much information and my mind was becoming a parched thirsty sponge for it all. Everything available for my eyes to take in and the more I read, the more enraged I became. My head was spinning in the pain of deceit. I would carry this anger with me for so long that it seemed to become self aware. More facts hidden from me by the then and now 'Lame Stream Media'. I looked at my TV for what it really was - a relayer of misinformation meant to keep the truth hidden. Bogus news reports and so called 'Reality' shows to entertain the (now called) sheeple, their brains becoming nothing more than hamsters running the wheel to insanity. I now understood what 'talking in circles' meant. How could you betray me, my old friend?


Since joining 'YourTubeNews', I had met many like me, looking for the answer to the question that drove us. What is the TRUTH? 'UnSlaveMe' posted news atricles with links, members posted forums for discussion and we all interacted in chat. I became good friends to a select few: Bridget('UnSlaveMe' - Website Admin) as well as SomewhereOne, Christl, Christina, and John M to name a few. So refreshing to partake in discussions that are valid and new rather than the same video drool blabbing from my cathode paperweight in the living-room. I can't believe I trusted you, my old friend. I had many late night debates and discussions with SomewhereOne on the dollar dying, the military industrial complex, Web Bot, and something called 'Nibiru' (apparently the Sun has a twin - more on that later). Through all of this I was now beginning to see that I was not alone with my feelings. All of us, even Bridget, were angry and afraid for what was being revealed and what lay ahead of us as time went by...


"Why do my eyes hurt?" - Thomas A. Anderson

"You've never used them before..." - Morpheus


Swine Flu? Are you kidding me? In March? Something stinks in Mexico, and it's not the water. Hmmmm...and it's not ordinary swine flu (like swine flu is ordinary, right?). According to the CDC and WHO, this influenza had the genetic make up of Avian, Swine and Human protein codes. In other words, it can infect birds, pigs and people (sheeple actually). This still doesn't answer the question 'Why in Mexico?'. In short, Flu begins in Asia during the beginning winter months and spreads east to North America and Europe. It was March and it was Mexico and it's part Bird Flu. Migration? This was planned. I shared a theory about this with many. It seemed plausible that this was man made and intentionally released in Mexico when migratorial birds were there, possibly to carry it north. According to WHO, the lethality of this strain was high. Young, old and those with pulmonary problems would more than likely die. The 'Propaganda Press' was hyping this as a possible pandemic and everyone should get vaccinated. Really? The mortality rates were conflicting.The Boob-Toob said FEAR-RUN-GET THE SHOT! while our group was saying otherwise. It was beginning to look like some half-witted ponzi scheme to pollute the public with an untested vaccine while Big Pharma makes off with BILLIONS. Laughable! What made it worse were reports from the LSM that Mercury (found in vaccines) was good for you and Tanning Beds (aid in Vitamin D production - effective against influenza) were to be taken off the market. WHAT? Then the deaths of many virologists and immunologists began to add up. Yeah, definately planned. But, as they say about the best laid plans...


'Operation Blackjack' - a game to 21 and a clever 5 part fictional scenario concerning what would be called the greatest coup d'etat in history. But was it really fiction? Hmmmm...and it's in relation to NAFTA becoming the North American Union (NAU), one step closer to a New World Order (NWO). Must look into this. Apparently there would be nuclear devices placed in key North American and European cities in a terrorists attempt to put fear into the public, making them accept LESS liberty and MORE security (not unlike the many real events that made the US Gov take away more freedoms). Look! It even has hidden messages in binary and hexadecimal codes. All info from this short story pointed to an event in July, the 21st of July. Fear began to seep in. Many of us were under the belief that this was in fact a warning for an actual planned attack. I made plans to leave. I notified SomewhereOne about my plan of action and he insisted I keep in touch with Christina. I did so. Off to Hammond for a night of Budweiser and Boob Toob. What fun. Nothing happened. Between Swine Flu, Operation Blackjack and many other conspiracies, I was beginning to think that I should go back to sleep and live in ignorant bliss. I was still angry and afraid. Alot of us were. Even Bridget had her moments, her sad girl icon reflecting it. The Web Bot was reporting more and more upcoming events that would devastate the US and the Planet. And then there was Nibiru...


Nibiru - Planet X, Destroyer, Nemesis, Hercolobus, the Dark Star (and later - ELENIN). Such began my deepest part of the rabbit hole...


Opened my eyes to a new kind of way
All the good times that you saved
Are you feeling...
...you feeling that way too?
Or am I just...
...Am I just a fool? - Feeling That Way / Journey


I have seen many news articles and read many theories, but none can compare to the mystery behind Nibiru. Ancient Sumeria was believed to be the cradle of modern man. The Sumerian culture contained written language, code of ethics, and a primitive economic system. It also contained a secret that, if true, would be the greatest hidden truth from mankind. Apparently there is and always has been a 10th planet. A planet that has been sought by many for a long time. A planet that causes havoc in our solar system so great that it is Earth changing in the literal sense. Zacharia Sitchin, a paleo-archaeologist, stated that the planet is named Nibiru or 'planet of the crossing'. Hmmm...Planet X is the planet of the crossing? Seems too obvious. He also states that Nibiru makes a pass through the solar system in a shallow high-elliptical orbit every 3600 years, earning the name 'Destroyer'.  


In the early 80's, NASA launched the IRAS satellite in an attempt to see what could be revealed through the infra-red spectrum of the universe. It found Planet X. Then, just as quickly as it was found, it was lost to rebuttals of NASA claiming there is no Planet X. Typical. Wow look what we found...oh nevermind, it's nothing, move along. Why did they pull the articles? Even stranger still, shortly thereafter, Reagan derails the banking industry with No Regulations and Iran-Contra becomes the news flavor of the month. What do they have in common? MONEY - LOTS OF IT! What could you do with all that money? Build Bunkers? Stock up on supplies? Build the Hubble? The Hubble was shortly built and launched after 7 years of technological advances. It would become the best space observational instrument in the world. Did you really think it was to look at pretty stars?


Fast forward to 2001. Some believe that 9/11 was a terrorist attack. Some believe it was a government plot to strip the US of liberties. I believe it was a warning that we, the Earth, had 11 years until Nibiru.


Fast forward to 2008 - I was finding more and more information about Planet X. The largest seed vault in the world was being stocked. Parts of Google Sky and MSN Observatory were blacked out. Blogs and forums on Nibiru were being debunked, trolled and shilled faster than more information could be posted. Sure was alot of anger and hate for something yet to be proven, right? The more evidence would be released, the faster it was debunked. I was beginning to think this had some validity, even though it was still theory.


What's going on at the website? During my time of Planet X research, it seems that Bridget had had enough of the fear and was leaving. She was entering a dark time. Many of us looked up to her for all she accomplished and were sad to see her go. If one feels a change in the path is necessary, so be it. As long as she finds peace, that was all that mattered. SomewhereOne spoke to me that she was ascending to a higher state of mind. Seeking retreat from the fear inflated news, 'UnSlaveMe' broke free. During her hiatus, the website lost its appeal and informative being. Basic news became the mainstay. If I wanted entertainment, I'd go watch Edison's Folly for chimps jumping through hoops or FOOTBALL!!! YEAH!!! (ugh). I was also going through a period of my own change. I was having reoccurring dreams of the Sun, a clouded star, airships flowing through the atmosphere like manta rays gliding along the thermal currents. Trains collecting humans in droves and carting them off to nowhere. What was happening?Am I losing it? What does this all mean? So many questions now.


I need time to think...



The more we think we know about
The greater the unknown
We suspend our disbelief
And we are not alone... - Mystic Rhythms / RUSH





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Comment by Cathy Moore on April 21, 2011 at 10:41pm

Thanks Robbie- your story touched me deeply.

A reflection of some of what I have gone through in my own awakening. I too went through the stages of grief.........disbelief.......anger........bargaining.......depression.......peace.

I can honestly say at the age of 60, I am more at peace with myself and the world then ever before.

I have grown tremendously since I started to question 911...from YT to Live Video to I-Openers to here.

Bridget has done a tremendous job of putting up a diverse selection of information for our discernment.

I too have had some great chats here though I must say my chief complaint is that few people here use the chat.

I look forward to my continued growth with all of you  in love and light and peace.

Comment by SnowDog523 on April 20, 2011 at 5:22pm

YOU ARE FREE B! You inspire so many. I can only wish to attain the same level of being as my journey unfolds. I will be there...


I will post Part 3 soon...



Comment by UnSlaveMe on April 20, 2011 at 9:52am
Beautiful ... Robbie I don't know what to say .. you have a stunning way of telling your story. You also have an unreal sense of accuracy on what was going on with me. I'm still striving to reach higher, but I'm free of the fear, free of the stress and worry. I know what's happening and have finally made contact with my higher self that "knows all". So much so that she points out my faults constantly .. and I must alter my ways.
My life has been enriched daily by all of the members .. we have grown together. Goodness we're almost a cult lol.
Thankyou for the gracious words and your wisdom. You for one have enriched my life in many ways. Some friends just stand out. I look forward to our many days ahead of challenging life's demons and releasing more truth to the world. Love and light .. Bridget

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