Remove aerosoled aluminum from your body

I recieved this blog from a friend and want to share it with you, because it could help you to detox your body of the nasty effect of the chemtrails.

The so-called “not-taking-place” aerosol sprayings have filled up our bodies with aluminum, among various other substances.  So, no wonder that Altzheimer ‘s disease takes such a heavy toll. When aluminum manages to get through the blood-brain barrier, it is attached to proteins and attacks myelin, which is the insulating medium of the neurons’ axons.  The result of this is that millions of short-circuits affect the nerve cells (or, demyelination). That is why Altzheimer’s disease can be described as a total mix-up of memory-‘shelves.”aluminium_-_poisoning- malate magnesium (1)

This particular disease is due to aerosol sprayings. It did not actually exist before the last world war neither did another kind of disease, chronic fatigue syndrome.

The main metallic substances contained in aerosol spraying are particulate aluminum and radioactive barium. The secondary effects of aluminum and of barium have already been established by Dr. Robert Folk’s discovery of nanobacteria, a whole new category of infectious bacteria that abound in the lithosphere and the upper atmosphere.  It is, now, known that these bacteria are the most propagated life-form upon the planet. Dr. Folk’s findings have shown that nanobacteria metabolize metals by attaching themselves in large numbers to sprayed aluminum and barium before the latter ones reach the ground and from there, through rain water, into the aquifer.  

Having achieved to amplify the action of ray-weapons, sprayed metals act as the perfect spreading medium for virtually non-detectable infectious nano-organisms thereby augmenting the metals’ toxicity in the human body. Toxicologists have shown that potable water fluoride allows aluminum particles to infiltrate the blood-brain barrier, thereby destroying the nerve cells.

The research shows that in people with magnesium deficiency (who comprise 90% of the US population) particulate aluminum accumulates in the central nervous system, replacing magnesium and, thus, neutralizing tubulin, an enzyme vital to nerve function.

Magnesium malate is a food additive that blocks effectively the aluminum poisoning by removing it from the body through malic acid chelation, while it supplies the organism with natural eatable magnesium. The New World Order machinery of mental control will crumble as soon as citizens enforce the abolition of the Nazi-inspired fluoridation of potable water and toxic aerosol spraying.aluminium_-_poisoning- malate magnesium (2)

Due to the fact that malic acid plays a basic part in mitochondrial energy production, it is often prescribed along with magnesium in cases of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Magnesium malate helps in cases of painful muscular inflammation, stiffness, pain in the muscles  and fatigue that may ensue as the outcome of the process of muscular catabolism after a severe and strenuous effort.

From a clinical point of view, magnesium malate seems to soothe and energize the muscle cells.

Magnesium malate is the magnesium salt of malic acid and it provides to the human body the combined benefits of malic acid and magnesium.

Malic acid is a nutrient which was found to contribute in the process of the transformation of foods into ATP (a coenzyme used in cells as an energy currency).

Malic acid is one of the very few substances that can chelate and remove aluminum traces from body tissue.

It may not come as a surprise that aluminum can be traced in a wide variety of foods and manufactured products, such as baking powder, custards, creams, antacids, deodorants, cooking utensils and food containers. Even rain water may contain aluminum. Having so great a variety of probable aluminum sources all around us, we may, in the end, consume a lot more of it than our actual needs.

There is an ever increasing amount of actual proofs that aluminum tends to accumulate in the body of the modern city dweller in really alerting amounts. Unfortunately, there are no warning signs of increased aluminum concentrations in the body until the levels are already too high, causing health conditions.

Researchers have shown that people whose diet is poor in magnesium are more likely to have high concentrations of aluminum in their brains! A considerable number of studies have shown that animals don’t get enough magnesium from their foodstuff, and due to this fact they exhibit high aluminum concentrations in their central nervous systems.

Preliminary studies show that magnesium malate enhances the action of the body’s own detoxifying mechanisms through which aluminum is expelled from the brain.

As mentioned above, when aluminum gets through the blood-brain barrier, it connects with proteins and damages myelin, the insulating substance of neurons. Research shows that particulate aluminum concentrates in the central nervous system, replacing magnesium. This is much more of a problem in cases of magnesium-deficient people, and the end result is the neutralization of tubulin, as mentioned earlier, an enzyme that plays an important part in the function of the nervous system and the protection of the neurons.

Magnesium malate nullifies the harmful action of aluminum by expelling it from the body through chelation while it simultaneously replenishes magnesium levels in a natural way.

Apart from the fact that magnesium malate provides 45% of USRDA’s recommended magnesium intake, it provides the body with malic acid, a substance that is abundantly found in fruits, like apples, but which is also produced within the body. It is a metabolite of the Krebs cycle. The Krebs cycle comprises all these biochemical reactions producing 90% of the total amount of energy in body cells. Malic acid gets very easily through the blood-brain barrier and it is already proven to bind aluminum and activate tubulin...Blessings

thanks aan Anastasio a good friend from another site.

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