Here are some instructions I have been asked to get out to my people.
I don’t know who wrote this but, it seems accurate to me.
Worldwide Reset Imminent !

A vast plan has been organized for many years to trigger a huge positive change on this planet. This will be the implementation of fair legal justice to put an end to the abuse of this planet’s populations and ecosystems. The reason we have known about this in advance is because information has been released by insiders to help us prepare. Here is some key information about the plan and what you can do to help.

What to Know about this Transition :

1. Many elected officials, CEOs, big bankers, etc, have committed extreme crimes against humanity, stolen vast sums of money, corrupted our society structure, media, finance, etc

2. Resistance has been organized and official agencies insiders are going to arrest them legally and give them fair trial to liberate the planet

3. The mass media will be giving clear proof about what has really been going on

4. The financial system will be shut down for 3 to 15 days, your money will not disappear, a new fair system will replace it with more abundance for everyone. The old system was based on virtual debts disconnected from real value, allowing small groups of people to steal and manipulate money worldwide. All debts owed to banks will therefore be forgiven. Honest debts between private individuals and companies will still have to be honored. The new system will be based on real value (especially gold standard) to insure fair exchanges. Vast amounts of stolen wealth will be redistributed and shared for every human on the planet.

What you can do to help :

1. We are to transition peacefully, there may be temporary disruptions in transports, energy and food supplies. Make sure you have necessities for 3 to 15 days.

2. Remain calm. This is not martial law or a coup. Nothing will be imposed upon you. No bloody revenge will be allowed. This is to be fair justice.

3. Inform yourself. Reach out, discuss, listen to announcements, do your own research.

4. Conflicts among you were artificially created to divide and conquer. We are to live in peace as brothers and sisters.

5. If you are able, help that everybody is taken care of and has basic necessities.

The exact date of this event can not be predicted, but the plan is going well
We are to live in peace with more abundance and freedom
Previously suppressed solutions will be be released for the whole planet, and massive true humanitarian and ecological projects will be put in place.

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Comment by Holli on February 16, 2016 at 3:25pm
This sounds like the new world order coming to fruition
Comment by Sam Joy on February 8, 2016 at 5:26pm

This is pretty much self explanatory that I just sent our source.  Glad that up to this point no one has read it.

I wish I had read this more closely before I sent it out to ask you for some clarification.  #4 is particularly trouble some. Who ever wrote this isn’t saying anything about the new currencies.  How can the banks open again with all of their debts owed them forgiven and still not in line with the 2010 banking reforms?  How can they say what they are saying about the new system “based on real value (especially the gold standard)?  What happened to Basil III compliant?  And just what are they basing the “3 to 15 days” on?  Business days?  Regular days?  How can they say “that your money won’t disappear”?  I can’t even imagine that software that would have to be in place to make this so.  Number 4 just plan stinks as it is so candy coat with out facts it’s sickening.  I know I can read the first line.  Still sucks IMHO.


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